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Keeping on Dancing!

The art of dancing is a wonderful thing. The Latin Dances bring a lot of joy, unity and physical and mental health.
We are specialists in Brazilian Latin Dances.
Welcome to the Couples Dance World!


Social Dance Events

One of the coolest parts of taking dance classes is going to parties and workshops, in addition to learning more you know more people, culture and have the opportunity to make more friends, create a new family!


Group Classes

In group classes you participate in weekly classes with other people. Classes have levels from beginner to advanced and at each stage new challenges arise. Each group has its own peculiarity, every week is a different learning exchange.


Private Classes

Private lessons are great for anyone who wants to speed up learning or can't be on group class schedule. In private lessons you can choose packages, teachers and rhythms

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In addition to regular dance classes, we offer other services such as:
- Choreography for Weddings 
- Rent Space for Events or Classes
- Presentations at public or private events
- Choreography for Artists
- Space rental for dance companies, theater companies, etc.

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