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Hashtag Zouk Weekender - Breaking News

Exciting Update: Beach Yoga and Brazilian BBQ Tomorrow! 🌞🧘🏖️🍖

Hey there! Are you enjoying the event? I hope so! Tomorrow, the forecast is sunny! So, in the morning, we'll have our beach yoga session. Bring your yoga mats, swimwear to enjoy the beach, and then we'll have our Brazilian-style barbecue afterward. Sound good?

Created: 2024/04/27 - 2:37PM 

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Event Venues

Hashtag Zouk Weekender:

Coolum Civic Centre

2-4 Park St, Coolum Beach QLD 4573

Samba Immersion:
17-19 Beach Rd, Maroochydore QLD 4558, Austrália

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